My rendition of the now extinct pelican, Pelagornis.


A painting inspired by a gene-modification experiment that successfully generated teeth and additional vertebrae in bird embryos.
This is my vision of the experiment taken further on local Swedish birds, who then somehow managed to regain their freedom.

Metroid Anatomy

An attempt to make the old life sucking parasites we all know and love a little more plausible, as well as a little bit more terrifying.

Super Metroid

The same design, in different angle.


This portrait was mostly a study in how far I could take details without the use of photo textures.
Everything in this image was either simply painted or made through custom brush work.

In Reverence Biomech

Multi-purpose design for In Reverence.

Swedish Metal Mayhem Poster

An illustration made for a tour poster.
I painted the main motif and made the background from manipulated scans of old paper.

In Reverence – The Selected Breed

Cover design for In Reverence debut CD, The Selected Breed.

In Reverence – The Selected Breed (Booklet)

Booklet design for In Reverence’s new album.
Painted entirely with my own custom made brush set.

Gasoline Veins

Cover art for Preach’s album, Gasoline Veins.

Metal VS Cancer Poster

A tour poster for a charity concert featuring Swedish death metal giants, Grave.