Hi, my name is Billy Lundevall and I am a 2D and 3D artist from Sweden. I focus mainly on highly detailed illustrations and accurate high-resolution 3D models, but I also have a passion for design.


I take pride in craftsmanship and have a “no bullshit-approach” to painting, where I almost exclusivly use tools and brushes I have made myself and never resort to photo textures unless required by the production environment, or when doing fast concepts.


My 3D work is handled in a similar fashion. I always try to get as much of the model done with geometry as possible, instead of relying on shortcuts, tricks and work arounds.


I currently work at Quixel, where I create and manage most of the usable content within our software like procedural materials, base materials, masking patterns and brushes. Even though not technically a developer, many of my ideas and requests have been implemented into the Quixel Suite and I have definitely left my mark on how it works. I currently work on Megascans, focusing on Sscandinavian vegetation, architectural visualization and product design.


I am available for freelance work.